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Care Instructions

I really hope you've seen this work in person, because the theory behind what I do is that the hand made quality is an experiential thing. You can feel it. 

I make three different types of clay objects: pottery, sculptures and garden signs. 


Is all porcelain clay, fired in an electric kiln. There are two different decorating techniques I use, carving in to the clay surface or applying underglaze transfers. Two of my signature glazes are a dull metallic the colour of espresso covered with graphite (how's that for a description!) and a crackle glaze that is either celadon coloured or clear. These pieces are food safe but must be hand washed. High maintenance pottery! I also have another clear glaze that I put on the more functional pieces, like the mugs, so that they are dishwasher safe. If in doubt check the product description, it will say. None of the pottery is recommended for the oven or microwave. A lot of the wall tiles and one of a kind palace pots have a matte glaze on them. This is not recommended for serving food, which is why you find it on the art pieces. It has wonderful colour variations over the carving, and is quite unpredictable: I call it the Christmas glaze because whenever I unload a kiln with it on work it's like Christmas! I never know what I'm going to find.


These are hand built out of stoneware clay but fired to a lower temperature with their own unique glaze combos on them. Each one is quite unique. Sorry, they are meant for indoor display only. 

Garden Signs

Ach! But these are great! Made out of stoneware. They don't fade and can live outside happily through three season, I suggest bringing them in through the Canadian winter. The coat hangers will rust but won't disintegrate. People love 'em.