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To Order and Pay

Happy Holidays! Just a note to let you know I will not be responding to any orders until after January 8, 2018. I am taking a much anticipated holiday and will not be on this continent! Thank you for all the support you have given me in 2017.

Please contact me through the Contact form down to the left to confirm which piece you would like or if there is something you would like made. I will confirm estimated shipping time with you. At that time you can complete payment by credit card on this website or call me at 613.816.9034. 

To order on this website: hold the cursor over the image you are interested in and click. A detailed page appears with information on the item and and "add to cart" button. Click on this if you wish to purchase it, then go through the "go to cart" and "checkout" prompts. Shipping and tax will be added. If you are out of province or country, send me an email or phone me if you don't want to pay the Ontario HST, applicable GST will be charged, I can take your information over the phone. 

Please remember it's just me doing this so please be patient. 

Fair warning:  July, November and December are exceptionally busy months for me doing shows on the road and I find it almost impossible to fit in time to do shipments.